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Death Of The Commissioned Salesman

If I had a quarter for every story I have heard about the salesman who doesn't know how to take no for an answer, relies on pressure tactics,cheap gimmics and hooks, I would be able to retire and write blogs full time.

I do not know for sure, but I am almost convinced that this sales technique is taught at some type of a mass level by some knuckle head who claims to have all the answers. I can not believe that any consumer would react positively to this method of salesmanship. I think the only thing this style of selling could possilby accomplish is the fact that the consumer will get tired and award the sale just to get rid of the salesman . I am no sales genius but I would rather lose the job than have to resort to this style of selling.

Okay, brace yourself, this may sound familiar. The salesman will schedule the estimate and all or most of the family will need to be present. ( this is the first clue that this is going to be a major purchase packed with pressure. ) After a brief demonstration in comes the dreaded pressure tactics, this will almost always be that incredible deal that requires a signing on the spot ( Yeah, sure it does).

This one time must sign now deal is designed to do nothing more than hide the competition from you, what could these companies be afraid of ? ( A straight shooting company with a realistic standardized pricing structure, for starters ).

When all else fails, that one time incredible deal becomes even more incredible after one or more special phone calls to the boss. I keep hearing about these phone calls, how special could they be, sounds more like a routine to me.

Be care full,this is a typical sales pitch that will leave you with a overpriced, inferior product or service, and more times than not the actual work will be subcontracted to someone that knows little or nothing about your particular concerns and what was discussed in your home with the company commissioned sales representative.

There have been reports of the salesman going on for hours, becoming angry and nasty, wait a second, what is wrong with this picture or should I say, what is right with this picture. Put an end to that nonsense, take control of the situation, ask detailed important questions and then politely send them on their way.

This will give you the needed space to review several prospective companies and make a informed , intelligent decision based on nothing but pertinent information with no pressure from anyone. If there deal is as great as they say it is it will hold up to the test of a few more estimates.

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