20 Questions To Ask Your Salesman ________________________________________

Here are some questions you can and should ask anyone who is trying to sell you Gutter Protection.

Feel free to print these questions and ask them as they are worded. Watch how quickly your list of prospective companies will shrink, maybe down to nothing.

It would be nice to be able to rely exclusively on the Better Business Bureau, but the bureau will often not give you all of the details that are needed, and sometimes amounts to nothing more than paid protection. The bureau alone will give you a false sense of security and leave you vulnerable.

How long have you been in the gutter business ?

How long have you been in the gutter protection business ?

Do you manufacture the gutter protection you are selling ?

If not, how long have you been working with the manufacturer ?

How long has the manufacturer been in business ?

Can I contact the manufacturer ?

Is your company a authorized dealer for this product ?

Do you have insurance ? Who is your insurer ?

Have you had any complaints with this product ? If so, explain.

Have you had claims filed against your company ?

Do you get paid a commission ?

Who will install the product and how long have they been with you ?

Have you ever installed gutter protection or gutter systems ?

Who will warranty the product ?

Does this product have to be fastened into my roof ?

If so, will this void my roofing warranty ?

Do you have references ?

Will the warranty be in writing ?

How can I see some of your work and a product demonstration ?

How long have you been with the company?

Any company that is worth having at your door step will be able to handle all of these questions with ease. These questions will also give you a good idea who is most willing to tell you only what they think you want to hear inorder to complete the sale.

I can not stress this enough, take control of the situation , ask detailed important questions and then politely send them on their way. This will give you the needed space to review several prospective companies and make a informed , intelligent decision based on nothing but pertinent information.Feel free to link to this site and check back often for more information. ________________________________________________

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